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We are an independent publisher based in Puerto Rico.

We create books that spark the imagination of readers and open the minds of children and youth to the magic of the world around us. Our goal is to contribute to the development of book lovers from an early age.

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  • Puerto Rican publisher wins multiple international literature awards

    Destellos won nine awards and eight honorable mentions at the International Latino Book Awards.

    Primera Hora 
  • Editorial seeks stories for children and young people

    Destellos wants to publish books that entertain and educate future adults

    El Nuevo DÍa 
  • “Cecilia” and “Petra”, two new characters in Puerto Rican children's literature

    Both characters are part of stories inspired by our history and culture.

    Primera Hora 
  • Literary review: featured Puerto Ricans

    “Them: Stories of Puerto Rican Women” consists of 64 biographies of Puerto Rican women who have stood out in various ways throughout our history.

    El Nuevo Día 
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