• Mya Pagán

    Mya is a Puerto Rican illustrator. She completed a bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages ​​from the UPR of Río Piedras with a concentration in French and Italian. In addition to her passion for languages, she has always loved drawing and translating what surrounds her and what she feels onto paper. She currently works as a full-time illustrator and has worked with agencies such as Energy, BBDO, The Martin Agency and Buena Vibra.

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  • Carla Torres

    Carla Torres works as a school counselor during the day and as an illustrator at night. As a child she loved everything that was creative and working with her hands, as an adult it remains the same. Although she drew when she was little, it was not until 2012 that she decided to flirt with drawing again. She took a hiatus to create and publish the local Emily magazine. After this, she returned to illustration with greater discipline and confidence. She can be seen drawing late into the night while her family sleeps. Important: she loves pizza.

    To see more of her work you can visit her page www.

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  • Yohali Gutiérrez Estrada

    (Mexico City, 1989.) Graduated from the Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM. Specialized in various drawing techniques, watercolor and traditional and digital illustration, she explores materials to create and tell stories. To date she has collaborated with COLMEX's Ágora magazine, with Reberverante Magazine for its digital blog, among other independent editorial projects.

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  • Yamel Figueroa Sotomayor

    Yamel V. Figueroa Sotomayor is the illustrator of Pitu le Baila al Mar , this being her debut as a book illustrator. She also illustrated Al ritmo de Petra y Encontrando a Paco. Since she was little, she developed curiosity about creating characters and designing imaginary worlds. Born in Puerto Rico where she studied in high school at the School of Plastic Arts. Then, she traveled to San Francisco, California to pursue her master's studies in visual development and animation design at the Academy of Art University. She is passionate about the history and fashion of past eras, which is reflected in her work and her daily life.ˆ

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  • Mariela Biskai

    Mariela Biskai, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a graphic designer dedicated to animation and is recently taking her first steps as an illustrator. She has also been a professor of Graphic Design for more than 16 years at the University of Buenos Aires. Her first book, Nena, y Roberta ¿dónde está? It was developed within the framework of the Professional Illustration Postgraduate Program at the University of Buenos Aires and addresses the topic of Alzheimer's through a playful side and proposing another possible perspective on the topic.

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  • Mrinali Álvarez Astacio

    Mrinali Álvarez Astacio is a Puerto Rican artist who has worked as an illustrator and co-author of children's and youth stories for the past fifteen years. She has received numerous awards for his artistic work including from the Latino Book Awards, UNESCO Chapter of Puerto Rico, PEN Club of Puerto Rico, among others.

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  • Pupé

    Mariana 'Pupé' Pereyra is a graphic designer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2005. Since 2007 she has been a freelance illustrator, specializing in the children's field. Since 2011 he has been part of the teaching team of the Roldán chair, in the Graphic Design career at the University of Buenos Aires. In her profession as an illustrator and teacher she managed to find her vocation, experimenting and delving into drawing as her way of doing and being in the world.

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  • Michael Bardeggia

    Born in Pesaro, Italy in 1993, Michael Bardeggia attended the F. Mengaroni Art School and then graduated from the Urbino Academy of Arts in Design and Graphic Arts. His illustrations and engravings have received awards and recognition both in Italy and internationally. He published his first book in 2018, illustrating a collection of Scandinavian stories with Aurelia Edizioni.

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